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ECG Interconnect Cables

Connects the output of one ECG monitoring device directly to the input of another to allow simultaneous remote display of the ECG waveform. Select this category and you will be taken through a series of pages that will help you find the product you're looking for.

Cables to Balloon Pumps ECG/IBP Interconnect

Connects both ECG and/or Blood Pressure waveforms directly from a monitor to a balloon pump.

Output Multipliers/Adapters

Connect the output of your anesthesia monitor to two or more different devices simultaneously. Increases the number of output connections available, a necessity in the CVOR. ECG and IBP to Balloon pump.

IBP cables and adapters

Connect your favorite blood pressure transducer to your IBP monitor or adapt your operating room transducer to your transport monitor.

Medical Device Nurse Call Alarm Cables

Provides alarm connection to the central station nurse alarm input from the patient bedside. For ventilators, monitors, infusion pumps and Spo2 monitors.

Cardiac Rhythm Management

(CRM) Products connect most Defibrillators or Monitors to your programmer.


Input Adapters

Use the same patient cable on your defibrillator and monitor. Stock only one manufacturer's cable.

Operating Room Boom Cable System

A complete, fully documented standard product system that Eliminates those analog ECG and IBP cables running across the floor of the operating room.


Electronic Medical Records Device integration Cables
Digital Cables


Hyperbaric Chamber ECG Patient Cables

For use with Perry Sigma 40 and Sechrist Hyperbaric Chambers
Above are categories of the products that we offer. If you'd like to reach out with any technical questions, call 800-548-9686 during business hours and a qualified person will work with you to establish your specific solution. If contacting us after hours, click HERE to complete our contact form. This allows us to quickly get started on your inquiry. Remember to ask yourself; where is the patient connected? when selecting a cable.